Self-Love Coach                                                              Christian Nowak
                            Teaching how to love ourselves and each other.
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Practicing Self-love

"Learn to fully meet your needs to live a joyful life. "

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Practicing Self-love improves our life like nothing else. It's a profound yet simple program that's easy to learn. Practicing reduces the suffering we have control over in our life.  It can permanently address the issues which underlie our addictions, poor esteem, depression, relationship challenges and general unhappiness. Instead of feeling bored, trapped, helpless, uncertain, uneasy or unhappy, we can become confident, free, clear and purpose-driven.

Those practicing Self-love become the most attractive person they can be. Their vibrant energy attracts the people and opportunities they desire.  Instead of being a victim, complaining or blaming, they take responsibility and constructively contribute to the world around them. Their needs are consistently met and their life has meaning. Their prior addictions fall aside and are replaced with empowering new habits and conversations.

Unfortunately, few people understand what love truly is. And therefore, most of us never learned how to love our Self or others. 
My purpose is to teach you how to love your Self so you may love others and the world around you. I dedicate my life to this and consequently have become an expert on Self-love. I teach by sharing hundreds of lessons I developed around 10 primary ways to love our Self. These lessons are detailed in the book I'm writing titled "The Practice of Self-Love".

Your sessions will be centered around lessons which are most applicable to your current needs. After you get the lesson, you simply practice. Remember that it's unrealistic to pick up a new instrument or tool and use it flawlessly. Simply increase your commitment to being conscious in your loving choices and you'll naturally evolve in the direction you desire.

As a professional life coach and self-love expert, I specialize in assisting students who want more:

  • Self-love
  • Love with others
  • Freedom from addiction
  • Empowerment
  • Purpose
  • Spirituality
  • Accountability
  • Clarity and Direction

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