Self-Love Coach                                                              Christian Nowak
                            Teaching how to love ourselves and each other.
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About Christian

"You were a decisive point for me to enjoy life, to pursue love... not because I instantly found that on my own but because I saw that spirit in you and made me fall emphatically in it!"

My devotion to being an expert on self-love is an interesting one. I thought I loved myself quite well. I ate well, exercised regularly, took time off, treated myself to occasional luxuries and generally liked myself. But after divorce, I got the message from several sources that my role in the marriage ending was my lack of self-love. I sought books on the subject but nothing resonated. I asked therapists and religious leaders how I could love myself better, yet no one had an answer that resonated with me; nor could they refer me. Thus, began my quest to discover how to practice Self-love. My original motivation was to not repeat the failed relationship. However, soon I realized my method works and could serve far beyond myself and family.

After 5 years of research, I developed 10 primary ways to love our Self. For each form of Self-love, I created a series of lessons to support that form. I'm currently writing a book titled “The Practice of Self-Love” which compiles these lessons. Although, the purpose of the book is to teach millions how to love themselves, I want to teach a select number of students while refining my book.

My qualification to be a self-love expert is unique. I have great desire and persistence. I envisioned building a world leading business and built it to $14,000,000/year. I envisioned building an artistic fully sustainable home in the mountains of Colorado and built it. I wanted to learn and practice how to love myself fully, and I consistently do.  I also wanted to make a difference by developing a program on Self-love which drastically improves how we treat our Self, and I have.

My formal coaching training was with Dave Ellis’ Falling Awake Coaching School which I graduated in 2002. I highly recommend them if coaching is your path. Just like my program on Self-love, my way of coaching others is unique to me. My coaching style is a blend of teaching, accountability, encouragement, intuition, visioning and a whole-lotta-love. For the past 10 years, I met weekly with the best possible spiritual mentors I could find. For two decades, I studied great teachers like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Dave Ellis, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle,The Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh. I melded their wisdom with mine and intuitively created an enlightening program which significantly improves the lives of my students.

I relate well to students from all ages, genders, ethnicity and income levels. I have limited availability & choose to only counsel clients needing improvement in self-love, loving others, spirituality or addiction resolution.  I have 60 years of wisdom to share with you.  I’m a continual learner as well as an exceptional observer and teacher. I've experienced the highs of being a millionaire and the lows of divorce and bankruptcy. Whenever I prosper or suffer, I find the lesson. Therefore, I have countless lessons to teach you (:

On a personal note,  I'm highly conscious of my impact on this planet and try to minimize my consumption of non-renewable resources. I've traveled extensively and appreciate foreign cultures and historical architecture. I'm an adventurous soul who loves sailing, ocean kayaking, backpacking, mountain climbing and hang-gliding. I love all good forms of art and expression but would rather have a meaningful conversation than anything else.  

After discovering what Self-love truly is, I can reflect back and see that I had little idea how to love myself a decade ago when my quest for Self-love began. If you find yourself needing to love your Self too, I would be honored to assist you in living a more peace-filled and meaningful life.

Christian Nowak

....image below is me with my sons Chase (left) and Dillon (right).

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