Self-Love Coach                                                              Christian Nowak
                            Teaching how to love ourselves and each other.
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Self-love Coaching

What is Self-Love Coaching?
Self-love coaching is a specialized area of life-coaching.
Only a handful of coaches specialize in Self-love. The Self-love Assesment form I provide you is a great synopsis of some key areas I teach. Ultimately, I will teach you to love yourself, love others and the world around you. This will have a spiritual element because love is the core to all spirituality. Although I teach empowering beliefs, the language of our conversation will revolve around your beliefs.

What is Life Coaching and Who Needs It?  
Most of us need to process our emotions with someone. We also need accountability beyond ourselves. Often we choose our friends or family. This can be a great avenue but often this support group is biased or has an agenda. After all, they’re usually not trained counselors. They sometimes tell us what we want to hear or side with us as their means of support. This can foster a conversation of victim rather than responsibility and is not constructive. Sometimes we just need to vent and may say things which are unkind. With family, friends or coworkers, this can become a bashing or complaining session. Those interactions are typically more destructive than beneficial. Sometimes, these conversations lead to our confidant not being so confidential or judging us. We also can inadvertently sway our confidant against the person we’re “venting” about. This can backfire later when we want to work or socialize together. Few people are able to not judge us for our imperfection or those we’re upset about.

Confiding in close friends, coworkers or relatives may cross confidentiality boundaries, especially when we process about people they know. The habit of complaining is also destructive to the morale of the family or workplace. When you process with a coach, it's a form of letting off steam. I will hold these upsets for you and aid in you constructively processing your emotions.

Most high performing people maintain a mentor or coach relationship throughout their life. I've had a life or spiritual coach mentoring me for the last decade. Before these relationships, I often thought I could do it on my own or could not afford the new expense. However, the truth is, when we do the same things, we get the same results. Even though we often can get by on our own, the accountability, detached perspective and the wisdom of a coach can change the entire course of a student's life.

Some students want help determining what they want or in a grander sense, their purpose in life. Others students, may want to set goals or intentions and get help keeping on task. No matter, what you desire with my support, I will always serve you in your best interest. If you’re unloving of your Self, I’ll tell you. If you’re being dishonest, I’ll tell you. When you can’t see your highest good, I’ll remind you. Often, students seek my help to start, improve or end their relationships or career. Students frequently rely on me to end their addictions with food, alcohol, tobacco or spending. I even help put personal budgets in place.

How Long Do Students Typically Need My Coaching?
Take the Self-love Assessment on this site, as it will indicate where you are in your process of loving your Self. The range of students working with me is a few months to a few years. I have one student who has been with me for 10 years. I've been with coaches for years as well.

My Promise to You:

  • I will listen to you like you’ve never been heard before.
  • I will see your highest good & hold it for you in times when you don’t.
  • I will hold you accountable for being true to your intentions, values & beliefs.
  • I will accept you unconditionally.
  • I will help you find and live your purpose.
  • I will help you get clear about your values, beliefs, needs & feelings.
  • I will help you practice loving yourself instead of using food, alcohol, tv or computer to numb or feel good.
  • I will help you practice boundaries, forgiveness & empowering beliefs.
  • I will help you minimize complaining, excuses, blaming, taking things personally or feeling victimized.
  • I will help you end self-betrayal.
  • I will help you process your emotions to determine what you need.
  • I will also teach you to love others like never before so all your relations thrive.

Your Promise to You:

  • You will make your Self a priority.
  • You will practice the lessons you learn.
  • You will commit to keeping your promises to your Self.
  • You will be completely honest with your Self.
  • You will assume responsibility for your actions and needs.

Being mentored is not a passive process. For you to get what you want, you will need to take responsibility for getting the most out of the experience. It requires your commitment to be fully present at each session and to practice the lessons you learn.

Therapy vs. Coaching
Therapy focuses on the client’s past and the origins of their undesired behavior. In contrast, life coaching focuses primarily on the present and future to create the life you desire. Life coaching with me includes a significant amount of lessons on how to love yourself and others.


Everything you say or do will be kept in strict confidence. Even the fact you are my student will be kept between, if you wish.

Coaching Structure:

  • I will meet with you by phone or Skype once a week for up to an hour. Initial sessions may be face to face if we're nearby (I reside in Sequim, WA).
  • You will have reasonably unlimited email access with me between sessions.
  • You will call me promptly at the beginning of our appointment time.
  • You may call me for an occasional urgent emergency at no additional charge.   
  • Call 719-200-7722


Typical Session Process

  • You update your prior week and a possible need arises
  • Or you come with an agenda for discussion.
  • Your progress is acknowledged.
  • Relative lessons are taught to you.
  • Your emotions get processed.
  • Occasional homework is assigned to you.

Begin improving your Self-love practice now!


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