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Needs Assessment

We all experience signals from our body which inform us we need something; like hunger, shivers or thirst, which signal we have a need for food, warmth or fluids. Until we train ourselves, some of our bodily signals can get misinterpreted. Have you ever felt hungry soon after you ate a meal? Have you then eaten something which satisfied the urge while you were snacking, only for the urge to quickly reappear? This indicates the food was not really what we needed.

The same misinterpretation occurs when we think we need a drink to take the edge off. We have one drink and experience some relief, so we have another drink to assure the affect does not wear off or to provide even greater relief. Unfortunately, our real need gets masked by the drink. The original uneasiness or stress is a signal we're past our limit of comfort in some area of our life. The alcohol may ease the discomfort in the moment but the source of  our signal goes unaddressed. Therefore, the stress signal reappears.

Meeting our needs is paramount to our happiness. To adequately meet our needs we must feel our emotions, discomfort or uneasiness and consider what we really need. Sometimes, it's a guess but the uneasiness will diminish as we correctly meet the need. This is similar to a baby crying due to its discomfort so we analyze the possible need. We check their diaper, burp them, comfort them or see if they're hungry. Adults are more complicated but the need for analysis is the same.

We're motivated to address our most basic needs first.  So if our health is suffering, we may be unmotivated to invest energy in relationships or living our purpose.

Try checking in with yourself in the following sequence. If your basic need is not met, then focus on addressing the deficiency before trying to meet your higher needs. Although we'll succeed at times in meeting needs at various levels, it's typically not sustainable to meet our higher needs with lower needs going unmet. It's also important to realize that we're  all responsible for meeting our needs.

1  Are all my physiological needs met for exercise, nourishing food, adequate water and rest?

2. Are all my security needs adequately met for home, health, relationship and finance?
3. Is my need for intimacy with others adequately met?

4. Is my need to feel good about myself adequately met?

5. Is my need for knowledge and mental stimulation adequately met?

6. Is my need for creativity and aesthetic appreciation adequately met?

7. Is my need for living my purpose adequately met?

8. Is my need for helping others live their purpose adequately met?

When feeling uneasiness or stress, instead of turning to "comfort food" or distraction, ask yourself "What do I really need?"; then give yourself what you need from the prior 8 levels of needs.

Meeting our needs is more critical to our well-being and happiness like nothing else. The reward is living a life with purpose, meaning and fulfillment. Please call me for further support on this topic and other Self-love practices.
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