Self-Love Coach                                                              Christian Nowak
                            Teaching how to love ourselves and each other.
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Practicing Love

  1. Practice doing no harm to our self, others & the Earth.
  2. Take prompt ownership of our harmful choices, then fully forgive the harm that we or others create.
  3. Make meeting our needs a priority, asking for help when unable to meet our needs & giving generously beyond where our need is exceeded.
  4. Fully accept the imperfections in our self, others & everything else without judgment.
  5. Practice safe limits with our self and others.
  6. Practice controlling only our self, trusting everything else will work out.
  7. Practice the powers of being conscious & present.
  8. Be fearless, while aware of true harm.
  9. Be impeccably truthful with our self & others.
  10. Harvest gratitude daily from all our gifts & blessings.
  11. Live the purpose of making a difference while helping others do the same.
  12. Trust ourselves above all others but remember to trust others too.
  13. Choose empowering beliefs, thoughts, words & actions.
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