Self-Love Coach                                                              Christian Nowak
                            Teaching how to love ourselves and each other.
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Self-love Assessment

If a statement is true some or most of the time, check the box

  I trust others opinions above mine.
I meet others needs at my expense.
I betray myself to be liked or loved.
I don't accept I make mistakes.
I try to control things beyond myself.
I believe my life is unmanageable.
I'm unclear about my purpose or existence.
My health is not a high priority.
I don't establish & maintain safe limits with myself or others.
My relationships need to be perfect.
I don't forgive myself for my mistakes.
I'm the victim of other's actions.
I make excuses.
I need others approval.
I don't accept others with differing values, views or beliefs.
I feel taken advantage or unappreciated.
I get defensive.
I choose resistance over cooperation.
I give with attachment.
I am uncomfortable accepting gifts or favors.
I compulsively do things which are not good for me.
I second-guess myself.
I'd rather be someone else than me.
I don't know how I feel or what I need.
I'm unrealistic.
I lie, steal or cheat.
I don't keep promises.
I lack self-confidence.
It's very difficult for me to ask for help.
I get intimidated in the presence of powerful people.
I blame others rather than take responsibility.
I get compelled to give unsolicited advice.
I need to be right.
I complain.
I'm self-critical.
I avoid conflict at all costs.
I don't feel connected to all living things.
I don't meet my own needs.
I'm uncomfortable making eye contact.
I do things out of obligation rather than free choice.
My beliefs, values and language are disempowering.
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